Mia Mormino ft. Ed.1T & SAEED- F That (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Mia Mormino teases us on her new song, F That (feat. Ed.1T & SAEED). First of all, I like the instrumentation,  because it’s not your typical HipHop beat. We truly have to pay attention to the words of the song to know where we’re being taken. Mia comes in with a rapid-fire cadence. Her flow is braggadocious, and sets the tone for the rest of the piece. 

This track is specifically for the females to be self aware and know that they demand respect when they walk in the room. She’s oblivious to the guys thirsting in her DMs, when she’s focused on the bag.

“Move out the way cause here come the Queen”

Ed.1T and SAEED both kill their parts and add another dimension to F That. That verse by SAEED was one of the highlights of the song and had some captions for females to put on their Instagram Pics. He’s providing that extra sauce for womem to drip with, building that confidence up. 

“Stomach on flat, body shaped like a vase

Type to make a **** catch a whole lotta' case”

These girls are not stepping outside unless a bag is coming along with them. It’s a tease that is bound to attract men… and run them off. Either way, Mia isn’t bothered and wants all the females to do the same. Stay unbothered Ladies and Get to a Bag, a message brought to you by Mia Mormino, Ed.1T and SAEED. 

Take a listen: 


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  • Mia Mormino

    This is the best blog post that’s ever been written for me! Thank you SO much!

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