Micah Edwards- December 26 (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

I think we all have this feeling the day after Christmas, the feeling of having to wait another year to build up anticipation- again. Even though it’s only for one day, the days leading up are even more exciting and enjoyable than Christmas itself. On December 26 by Micah Edwards, we come to the realization that Christmas is over after the gifts have been opened and all the pleasantries have been exchanged. We put so much stock into the Christmas time feeling, that once it’s over, it disappears.

Even as Edwards sings about the disappointment of Christmas Day being over, there is a subtle glimmer of hope that can be heard in the melody he chose. It goes well with reminiscing about the good times that are shared in the days leading up to Christmas. This is one of those holidays that are highly anticipated, even when it's 364 days away. Especially as a kid, you can’t wait until next year to open up gifts and see the family that you don't see on a daily basis. This is a very relatable song that will echo everyone’s sentiment come Dec. 26th. My folks might catch me humming this tune today throughout the house. 

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