Micah & Julia- Me (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Photo by Nicole Beld

I must have had this song on repeat for at least 10 minutes straight. I appreciate music that addresses self awareness and taking the proper precautions to become better. Micah & Julia's latest song, Me, is no different, bringing light to the inner demons people deal with on a daily basis. It gets to a point where you have to take a break from the world and fix what’s wrong. 

Everyone isn’t perfect and most of us are good at lying to ourselves, claiming we are fine. Deep down, we need help and try to seek it within others. All the while, the help that's needed starts with “ME."

It’s okay to be broken

I’m out here in the open

Taking my space

To figure me out

Micah & Julia welcome us in with open arms, knowing that even though we are broken, we’re repairing ourselves as well. A change of habits is key to figuring out who we really are. Lying to suppress the truth is something that eats at your soul until the truth comes out. Holding back is a form of lying in my eyes and withholding the truth can be a slippery slope when it’s pretending to be a different person.

We have to love who we are, despite our flaws and what others opinions may be. Catering to someone’s image of you will always be the death of you. Take that time to get right with self and with God.

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