Michael Malcolm x Abby Litchfield (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Being a constant shoulder to lean on is key in relationships of any kind. Sky Falls Down is an exact representation of that, which makes the song an enjoyable listen for the audience. I can tell that Michael Malcolm & Abby Litchfield took time with their lyrics, crafting the right words that are relatable in times of need. Life is precious and on bad days, it may become difficult to lift a head up and push through. The aforementioned is especially true for those who may think nobody (family or friend) will understand or be able to empathize with them. 

Sky Falls Down changes the narrative, even for the person in the most difficult situation. Michael and Abby spring hope and optimism when dark times arise. Their voices blend exceptionally well on this song, soothing to the ears and soul. The lyrics come from a real place, which is why it can connect with a bevy of people. I can see this having a real connection with the new generation, due to their insecurities that the world has bestowed upon them. Having a person to call on at all times is a luxury not many of us have. This piece is a sprinkle of hope for those who don’t see tangible hope. 

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