Michael Oloyede- Fàlàlà (Track Review)

Written Tyler Akles

Africa is known to be the continent that “did it first”- the continent where human life began, where most of our fundamental life principles were set, and most importantly (at least for myself), where most of our understanding of rhythm in music comes from. The deep historical roots of Africa continue to be relevant to this day.

Artists, such as Michael Oloyede, continue to push the incredible rhythmic history of East African culture to the world. The Lagos native combines a vast amount of different genres in his song ‘Fàlàlà’, containing styles from jazz, Afro-pop, R&B, and soul.

Why would I come back to this song? It’s the feeling that the track puts me in that gives it a high level of replay-ability. The single is incredibly smooth and put me in a good mood as soon as it came on. The mellow instrumentation, rhythm and Oloyede’s silky vocals set the relaxing tone of the track perfectly, and I look forward to hearing more music from him.

Check out Fàlàlà:

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