Michigan Left- One in Two (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

We all have our own reasons for listening to music, and they vary depending on how we're feeling. We may need an uptempo track to get our blood pumping, a smooth instrumental for a slow dance, and even a sad song to accompany our heartbreak. Sometimes the music itself is not what we're paying attention to, but, more so, how it's making us feel.

While I had on, One in Two, by Michigan Left- my focus wasn't on the beautiful guitar play, or the occasional high pitched vocals. What captured me, was the raw zeal blasting through my sound system. I could vicariously experience the evident energy that brewed in the studio that day.

The vocal production/engineering works quite well on this piece. The style of EQ here can feel overused in some music, but the way it's integrated on this cut is solid. The songwriting and instrumental composition all work hand in hand throughout the track. The transitions from hook to verse, and vice versa were very professional, and sounded rehearsed. Michigan Left's preparation and musicianship, shine on this track. 

What am I trying to say? Here's the simple answer: This is a dope record!

Listen to One in Two:


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