Miguel Andrews- When You Beckon (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Have you ever smelled or tasted something that instantly took you back to a specific moment or place? It doesn't always have to be anything grand, and maybe oftentimes it isn't in the overarching concept of things- but it's impactful for you. While I listen to Miguel Andrews' "When You Beckon", I'm taken to great summer days with my grandfather and grandmother who would always play smooth and enlightening jazz. To clarify, my mom's mother and my dad's father were huge in expanding my musical palette.

There's so much that gives me chills here. Every time that horn hangs and glides on this track, I can almost feel the sun hitting my face through the window. Andrews' keeps such a steady but firm rhythm on this record with his drums. A sound of "mystery" and hope plays subtly in the back melody of this track and has the traits to make you pensive. Andrews' creates an atmosphere that can take you in so many different directions depending on what you focus on. 

Enjoy the experience:

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