Mike Cortes- Unstable (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

The music industry is full of names you know, names you don’t, and names you’ll know sooner than later. One of these talented names you’ll know sooner than later is an artist by the name of Mike Cortes. Recently, Mike released a song titled “Unstable”, which takes a twist on a classic vibe of pop and mixes it with an even more upbeat flavor. I really enjoy this song, and so do all of my friends that I have played it for. However, it’s not just tracks like “Unstable” that make Mike Cortes such a valuable piece in the music game, it’s his rare and raw vocals and melodic flow that soothe the ears of each and every person who gives him a listen.

Mike Cortes is on the path towards achieving great things. If you want to check him out and follow along with his journey, be sure to give his Spotify page a look, and stream “Unstable” using the link I’ve attached below.


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