Milan Truelove- How Do You Hold On (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Grand piano, Church licks, True love, and a Crisp voice. My attention was drawn by Milan’s entry to a relatively empty song. With just piano accompaniment leaves a lot of space to fill the track. Milan taught me that  it’s not only about grabbing the audience’s attention but how you hold on. 

One of the most impressive parts of How Do You Hold On  is the range of Milan’s voice in the chorus. As a guy higher pitched tones can sound strained, Milan is an exception. Milan’s voice wields a piercing tone that cuts through songs and puts his voice in front. 

The chorus is uplifting and moving at its own speed. The composition's form is a result of the power and emotion Milan puts into this song, with each section gaining more and more energy and passion. Once the Bridge comes along Milan pulses and drives the song so well that when the chorus comes back, he pulls back so much energy from it. Once the verse comes back, there’s a float in time and space. 

A track so well put together can be hard to make as a ballad. With open melodies I am excited to hear more about more of Milan. Only a track a way from becoming a better artist, How do you hold on? 

Take a listen:

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