Milleluci- Late Nite Corner Girl (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Vocalist, listen to me when I tell you: Milleluci should be your next go-to producer. 

If you take a listen to some of his compositions like June Love, Porthole Plane, and Late Nite Corner Girl, it's easy to capture his innate ability to build a soundscape that artists can engage in. Milleluci's engineering/mixing is highly professional, and true to his sound. There is a certain level of reverb and EQ that is pleasantly consistent/prevalent in his catalog. He'll have no problem with obtaining a diverse audience through Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B.

The melodies he curates, along with his understanding of percussions, truly shine bright. 

We're looking forward  to seeing him grow and collaborate with other artists in the future. 

Check out some of his work:

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