Mister Vershawn- Sage (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

I once heard Hip-Hop artist N.O.R.E. tell Nas that he was his all-time favorite Hip-Hop artist. N.O.R.E. then said: "I'm corny for not telling you that after all these years." I've always thought that was funny, but now I'm in that predicament. Give me a moment to get myself out of it. Vershawn, my brother, I've been listening to your album, Sage, for the past few months now, and it is easily one of my most favorite albums- EVER.

Listening to
Sage isn’t simply indulging a compilation of sounds, it’s a full on experience.

This piece doesn’t even reach 10 tracks, but for 28 minutes and 15 seconds, it builds a lasting impression. From track #1(Free) to track #9(Just Got Paid), it is evidently clear that you have to put on some clothes you’re willing to sweat in. The tone is set, and never lets up. The House/Club vibe on this joint is on par with projects like Blue Six’s Beautiful Tomorrow, and Ian Pooley’s, A Better Life.

What’s one aspect of this project that truly stands out? The ebb & flow. Whether it is a full-on instrumental track, or a piece like “Nasty,” that features vocals, there is never a track I feel myself wanting to skip. And because of that, I can leave this thing on repeat without even thinking about it. Vershawn’s usage of subtle and outfront percussion is simply immaculate. At times you may find yourself listening and deciphering which rhythm you want to follow for the duration of the cut. What makes these sometimes Afro-beat percussions even better sare the melodies in which they accompany. Though, I question at times, what the lead is. The construction of each piece is done so well, that almost every instrument has an independent level of strength. Not to mention, we even get levels of lyrical depth on “Real” which features passionate vocals from Shelly Makaveli. “When was the last time you loved somebody? Don’t be afraid of what you feel.”

This project is an all time House classic- and we at SwanoDown say that with no exaggeration. 


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