ML Moseley- Thin White Line (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

ML Mosley’s debut single, Thin White Line, holds out hope for even the worst of relationships. Personally, I can’t cling onto hope for a happily ever after, it makes the breakup worse and holds one another back from their blessings in life. That can cause a strain on both of your lives, physically and mentally. Thin White Line is a solid single that has more high points than low. We get exceptional songwriting from ML and raw emotion that you can hear in her voice, displaying what others in this situation may feel.

No matter how many times you try to win someone back, that connection will wither away once broken. Highlighting that small chance shows us how hard it is to keep a good thing going. It’s like going above and beyond to impress a girl; and once you get the girl, you slack on what got her to like you. Love can only hold a relationship together for so long before it reaches a boiling point. Thin White Line is a reminder to cherish your relationship and never let it reach the brink of extinction. Women will hold on as long as they can so that men can get it together. It won’t be long before those I Love Yous turn into I Hate You. 

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