Moël- September Come (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Sometimes songs make you appreciate the live instrumentation behind them and others are powered behind computerized versions of instruments. On September Come, Moël takes full advantage of the right instruments at his disposal to craft a sound that is poetic, yet minimalistic to showcase the strength of his vocals. Reminiscent of Daniel Caesar, his voice is distinct and can lullaby you to sleep as he gets into his bag. Gaining a grasp on the true meaning of the song, it seemed like he wanted to get people to know the difference between showing love and intentionally hurting someone. For some, that could be a blurry line that is easily crossed due to miscommunication. 

Relationship wise, this is a line that is blurred on many occasions. This also depends on the situation and what could cause an incident to occur. Moël is also bringing into the conversation that hurt people- hurt people as well. Those who have been under duress for some time are only accustomed to that type of love. Sonically, he has crafted a song that is melancholy and a search for hope in a world that has undervalued love. We need artists like Moël who use their talents to create attention to these topics, so beautifully sung. You can stream September Come everywhere. 

Take a listen:


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