Moncrieff- PLAYLOUD (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

If there ever was a time to Rage Against The Machine, now is the perfect time. Now is the time to be more creative and take more chances instead of waiting for the right moment. Those opinions that keep us weary of whether to start that business or pursue that dream, F em. Moncrieff has the right mindset on his latest single, "PLAYLOUD."

On PLAYLOUD, Moncrieff sends a middle finger to the Negative Nancies of the world, as they conspire to keep us stuck in a box. Conforming to the opinions of non-important people is something that has to stop. The raucous single is a song that can ignite all of the creators and flip the switch on people with power. There is strength in numbers, especially when coming together for one common goal.

“Always believe you’re great, even before anybody else believes it.” - Jay Z

The younger generation can’t be put on the same pedestal as the older generation in terms of success and accomplishing certain goals. Growing up in this day and age, there are an endless amount of opportunities to be taken and more than one avenue to succeed. Every person who reaches a new peak will not look the same comparatively to the 2000s, 90s or even the 80s. We have to respect and promote the next generations who are coming up with various lanes to ensure themselves a bright future. 

Rage away:

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