Neo Pitso- Monopoly (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

When we indulge into art, what exactly are we looking to get out of it? Is it simply entertainment? An escape from our reality? Here’s one- How about a jolt of confidence? When you analyze the sheer self-assurance and energy that artist Neo Pitso has, it’s hard to not feel more motivated. You may even approach your day with a higher level of conviction.

Look at the photo above. Check out the colors, the swagger, the look of I’m that guy. People appreciate those types of attributes, and live vicariously through figures lik Pitso. However, it isn’t just the intangibles that bring light to his career and persona, it’s also his content. Aside from his humor, and elaborate visuals which can easily be found scrolling his instagram (@theonlyneo), he has the musical sound to match. His single “Monopoly” has surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify, and is steadily climbing.

The single’s success is no surprise. The persistent vocal sample that plays through the duration of the track is gorgeous, and keeps the listener’s ear engaged. The melody is beautiful, and creates a solid soundscape for Pitso to vocalize over. Monopoly's hook is catchy, and the verses give a look into Pitso’s thought process and focus as he touches on topics such as taking risks for your goals, pursuing your journey regardless of the obstacles, and also police brutality. “Why the fuck you take a hiatus when you know that you got haters? And your back is on the wall, and the people wanna’ ball so they calling you their savior,” Pitso says in “Monopoly”. He also makes it known in the hook that it takes money to make money- really driving home the message of taking chances and rejecting the fear of failure. He later on gets even takes his opening statements further, asking: “Why the fuck you take a hiatus, when you know that you got traitors- who will give you an applause while they pray for you to fall, never tell it to your face now.”

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