Mook TBG (SwanoDown Report)

Reported  by SwanoDown 

Sirod Medrell McDaniels, (born April 21, 1994 in Ft. Riley, Kansas) better known to the world as Mook TBG recently known as Mook, a rising rapper residing in the Columbia, South Carolina area. Mook TBG, as a child traveled with his grandfather (Military) and parents state to state until he turned the age of 10 where his parents made a stop in Columbia and made that their permanent home. Mook attended Ridge View High School with his neighborhood buddy Speaker Knockerz. While SK was busy making beats and rapping Mook TBG took a shot at playing basketball at Ridge View High. He went on to eventually make the varsity basketball team while keeping a close relationship with Speaker Knockerz who began to blow up in the music industry. 2013 came around,

Mook TBG graduated high school and went straight to college at Spartanburg Methodist for Business. While at college he would listen to all Speaker Knockerz music and introduce it to others in his spare time. Nearly finishing his first semester of college (2014) Mook TBG had learned his best friend Speaker Knockerz had passed which led him to never return. The impact that Knock left on Mook TBG, he then realized that he couldn't let Knocks legacy die which sparked Mook's rap career.

With no knowledge of anything in the music business or how to rap he teamed up with Speaker Knockerz, younger brother Lil Knock and their father PJ (manager) for help. With his hard work, dedication and love for Speaker Knockerz he landed his first song ever record on Speaker Knockerz record "Married To The Money 2 #MTTM2" Mook TBG then went on to have a lead role in the #1 straight to YouTube movie "Rico Story 2" (Original Motion Picture & Soundtrack) also appearing on 4 song on the soundtrack. Mook TBG made a promise to himself to keep Speaker Knockerz name alive with his smash single "What They Gone Do" Produced by Speaker Knockerz that blew up on YouTube, and plays on SoundCloud and on radio.2019 rolls around, Mook TBG regains his voice and much confidence and is ready to record again. In April of the same year Mook TBG drop the hottest mixtape “Its Mook” Sonically one of the best produced tapes to date.

As his new mixtape caught much attention and more listeners, he worked constantly on new music, releasing singles like “Yea Yea” “Big Bank” “My Way” & the smash hit “Go Crazy” produced & featuring Speaker Knockerz. Also, on that project Mook TBG teams up with Quality Controls very own 24Heavy on the smooth melodic track “So Much Pain.” Later that year during the cold winter month in November, Mook TBG heats the city back up and drops another project “I Can Teach You” and the title of the lead single produced by Greece’s very own Bret Beats. ICTY was a hit. Mook TBG flew his entire team out to Athens Greece for the video shoot. With no features on this mixtape beside his label mates Speaker Knockerz & Dluhvy the tape did very well despite dropping without no promotion. 2020 emerges and Covid-19 kills everything a rapper has ever dreamed of, making it big in the game.

The entire world shut down causing Mook TBG to lose money from shows and touring internationally. Undecided on what to do next, he teams up with Speaker Knockerz father P3k and records “Death Chamber 1 and 2 (Deluxe)” an instant smash, with new sounds, production, flows, and beats. Featuring Lil Mosey on the Speaker Knockerz produced anthem “Addicted” and the saddest song in the world “Do Wrong” a tribute to SK featuring Knock pops P3k, one of the greatest dedication songs of ALL TIME. The motive behind Mook TBG DC 1 & 2 “I have to keep my foot on their necks” knowing that if he ever lets up it could possibly be the end of one’s career under the circumstances.  

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