Morgan Magras- No More (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

Up and coming artists in 2021 have truly started a genre of their own, shaping what we’ve known in the music industry for years into something entirely new. While seeking these up and coming artists out in the modern day can be a little tough, finding one will set you up for a very nice treat.

Morgan Margas is an innovative artist with a voice I’ve never heard before. She carries her songs with passion, fueled by her own energy and desire to succeed, all of which is audible in each and every track she releases. In a recent track titled “No More,” her vocals shine through more than ever. Unfortunately, her vocals also take a long time to make an appearance. With roughly 35 seconds worth of time lapsing in the track before any lyrics are articulated.

This isn’t a huge issue, however, her voice is impeccable enough to make up for the lost time. Morgan Margas is onto something in a genre that I haven’t been too accustomed with over the past few years. If you think Morgan Margas is the artist for you, the same way that I do, then be sure to check out her work below:

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