MP Grey ft. Rudiger- Higher (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

The feel of this joint is what stood out immediately. 

I was sitting back with an ice cold glass of water, and a cup of my favorite cashews, when "Higher," by MP Grey & Rudiger came on. After one listen, you'll understand why I got on my feet. You can't experience this song at its fullest without being completely  engaged in the moment. That's what this piece does to you. It motivates, energizes, and inspires.

"You keep doing what you want, and you're reckless through it all."

Lyrics do not need a direct call-to-action in order to kick you into action. The overall atmosphere of the vocals, instrumentation, and cohesion of the two, beam through the speakers. Not to mention the gorgeous guitar solo and horn decorations on this joint. 

Want to get your day started the right way? Take a listen to Higher:

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