Mr. Milk- Morphing Time (SwanoDown Report)


Reported by Imani Wj Wright

There's an absolute beauty within simplicity. 

In an age where social platforms, facades, and visual makeups may seem essential for artists- sometimes there may be a lack in dedicating time to the actual art. Well, that issue doesn’t pertain here. Look at the photo above. You see it? Just a man and his work. A man and his musical tool of choice.  

Now, as simple as Mr. Milk’s aesthetic is, the same does not hold true for his compositional style. While listening to his piece “Morphing Time,” a single from Milk’s debut album, Emergence, you can hear the dedication and craftsmanship involved with his process. There aren’t any sounds that come off as “generic” or cookie-cutter. And the title is just right. The lead melody and carefully placed percussion, can put you in a bit of a hypnotic state.

I don’t know how you usually feel when thinking of “morphing” but this piece makes the word come alive. 

Take a Listen:

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