Mustafa Shakir ft. Smitty- Black Love (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

I already like the song because of the title, “Black Love." After my first listen, I endorse this song and the message it sends. Black Love is the greatest love in the world. Mustafa Shakir and Smitty deliver with their newly released single, which shows their profound fondness for black culture in detail.

Black Love Is, No Fear of the Mirror

Over a boom bap style beat, Mustafa and Smitty put together a beautiful piece that deserves the spotlight. We have to embrace the skin we are in, while others may feel different. This is the time where love will prevail and conquer through the dark times that occur. Not only black people, but every race, creed and color should look at this song as an ode to black culture and what we bring to the table. The negative images that people associate with black people are furthest from the truth.

Mustafa highlights the portraits of black excellence from black doctors and lawyers to the steadily growing community of black college graduates, and the parents who raised them. This song reflects on Black people as a whole and gives praise to those that fought for our rights. 

Our history in America is long and were some of the darkest times. We are fighters and are still fighting to this very day.  He shouts out names like James Baldwin, Sojourner Truth, and Medgar Evers. 

Black Love, is a masterpiece in my eyes and I’ll be sure to blast this song in my car speakers- every day. 

Check it out:


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