Alexander James Rodriguez- My Crew (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

The Younger generation are getting more talented with each passing day. My Crew by Alexander James Rodriguez, celebrates the Day 1s in his life and glorifies what makes his crew standout. For someone to be so young and know what makes a crew solid is pretty remarkable. At 13, I may have had a crew, but it definitely wasn’t solidified. This song has such a Late 2000s pop vibe, one that has been restyled and refreshing to hear in the start of a new decade. 

It’s hard for me to judge a song that is for a very young audience, but the subject matter is relevant in today’s society. You’re only as solid as everyone that you call a "good friend" or family member. My Crew, has an infectious chorus that will have the younger audience repeating it on car rides, mall trips for sneakers, and in school.

This track takes me back to my pre-teen days where the friends I hung out with had a dream of playing in the NBA. We worked with each other each day to get better and played in different leagues. We may not have accomplished that dream, though, you could see the solidarity that my group of friends had with one another.

My Crew, by Alexander James Rodriguez is for sure a song I can play for my little sister (or on my own) and she’ll want to hear it on repeat.

Check it out:

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