My Crooked Teeth- Something Decent (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

As entertaining as their name is, My Crooked Teeth, wants us to be self-assured with their latest release, Something Decent. 

This song isn’t straight forward, yet, it holds a message within it, informing us to not conform with another person’s perception of us. Being likable is not the goal in life and is something that we shouldn’t aspire to be. 

So what if you think you’re annoying to a friend or significant other? There’s someone else out in the world who'll find you irresistible. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure... that old saying is true.

“Cause I have seen the sharpest of knives

Grown blunt with battering

And pointlessly kept in the dark

With some other useless things”

My Crooked Teeth, leads us with a flurry of good metaphors to decipher and interpret in our own way. They name a number of objects, pleading that they could actually be a person who didn’t get chosen to be a live being. And, although we may see that object being used for its distinct purpose and isn’t evoking an emotional reaction, our own individual person is- Something Decent. 

Behind solid production, My Crooked Teeth, leaves the audience with an increased sense of positivity towards self, in hopes of inspiring confidence in our imperfections. 

Take a listen:

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