Entrepreneur & Tech Founder, Kam Salami's MySway (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright 

In business, it is critically important to stay connected and to evolve. Marketing is at the core of this and ultimately supports a successful business's growth and stamina. In understanding this and through his involvement and creativity in business, entrepreneur and tech founder, Kam Salami, established Mysway.com. 

Salami created MySway as a mobile app and web-based platform, which serves as a fluid and productive conduit between business owners and micro influencers that may be easily tapped and utilized, based on an owner's locale and business interests. 

There are several aspects of MySway that make it effective and promising for  businesses and influencers. For example, it works intentionally to efficiently and effectively manage the advertising modalities of brands and influencers. Here's how it's done. It meticulously uncovers the client's  business needs, tracks the functioning and connects them with a targeted audience to generate plausible leads. Quite uniquely, Mysway propels clients by strategically framing their social omnipresence by providing the framework of connections with influencers, who strive to push their businesses to unprecedented and sustained levels of success. 

Salami highlights MySway as a revolutionized gap-filler to bridge the chasm between business owners and social influencers. Here, the micro influencer is provided with a platform and opportunity to meet with businesses to funnel their potential and to make fruitful and lasting connections. To establish this marketplace, the influencer can easily set up their profile, and select their desired fields of interest and fees. Concurrently, business owners can build their MySway profile and find a variety of perfect influencers for their particular brand. This is a win-win for all parties involved. That is, businesses and influencers are connected and business and influencers can now ensure in a mutually beneficial manner. 

As told, the website avails a bevy of filters to prompt a platform of collaboration. Essentially, the website's primary goal is trifold. It aims to empower creativity,  promote awareness, which leads to creativity and to enhance brand partnerships. 

MySway states:

"We enable Visions. We connect creators. We aspire to innovate. Ultimately, it reaches to 'join the threads  between influencers and brands to present transparent connections."

MySway is the cupid between businesses and influencers. Come check out your match. 



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