Nate Bryan’s Sexy ‘See You Again’ [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Pat Moran

Nate Bryan’s risqué single “See You Again” has earned the 26 year old indie pop artist 80,000 plus followers on Tik Tok, and more than 15,000 fans on Instagram. More important, the tune has catapulted Bryan’s music career into hyper-drive with a sultry tease that urges listeners to vibe to its rocking hip hop beats and soulful vocal:

“You dont wanna be with a guy like me/Cus you see, ima be in your head rent free … fat ass, your body so crazy/The way it moves, I wanna make you my baby”

Bryan was building a following on Tik Tok Live, singing his versions of other writers’ demos, when his friend and engineer Suaz challenged him to create something original. The result, recorded at Suaz’s home studio in Memphis, is an explicit song that declines to spell everything out.

The song was inspired by Bryan’s stint in the cannabis trade. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in acting in Burbank, California when COVID struck, Bryan was recruited to sell cannabis under the table. Soon, he was smitten with his co-workers 

The people that I worked with were some of the most beautiful women you would ever lay your eyes on,” Bryan says. 

“I wanted to say sexual things [in the song] but I wanted to leave it to the listener’s interpretation,” Bryan says. That subliminal quality gives the tune a joyous positive spin.

“I want people listening to my music [to] be able to escape into their subconscious,” Bryan says. “Whatever feeling it [elicits] in them I want to inspire them and bring some light out of the darkness like it did for me. 

Whether it’s sexy, salacious or fun, “See You Again” is a light that Bryan shines for others.

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