Nate Rose- By Myself (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

There are so many times where I feel like I just can’t find new artists to please my growing taste in music. Sometimes I believe there’s a genre I need to touch more on, and that the artist I’m looking for is justlx around the corner. Nate Rose is an artist who I’ve been searching for for a long time. Recently, Nate dropped a track by the name of “By Myself.” This track is incredible, and touches on many important topics personally improve my motivation and focus while listening! What I love about Nate Rose is his versatility and ability to adapt to the beat of the track.

There’s a lot to say about Nate Rose, and all of it is positive. You won’t find another artist working this hard for something they truly want. Nate is a one of a kind soul who’s destined to make it in this competitive industry. If you’re looking to hear more about Nate Rose, be sure to check out his Spotify page and link to his song “By Myself,” which I’ve attached below.

Check it out:

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