Nathan-Paul- Bubble Gum Reggae

Written by Grayson Jones 

Today I covered Nathan Paul’s Bubble Gum Reggae. Right away, I'll warn you, you will miss live music after hearing this saxophone come in with the thunderous introduction. Nathan Paul is what amazon prime aspires to be. The complete package- composing, mixing, leading... only thing missing is his following! 

He has an extensive repertoire of instruments he can play and style. On Bubble Gum Reggae, he plays the saxophone, and you are introduced to a beach wedding atmosphere. For me, the environment was painted by the off beat chords, coupled with that galloped heavy bass that reggae has patented. The scene is set percussively.Through passion and subjectively speaking ‘umami’ flavor to the percussion, Bubble Gum Reggae makes for a very pleasurable listen. Being this smooth on a sax takes hard work. There is a stress put on your mouth, lungs, throat, and cheeks when you push air through your instrument. 

Nathan Paul is best represented by his experience. The force necessary to sound bliss like you hear on this track, takes experience. Don’t believe me? Check him out on instagram where he displays his proficiency in flute, keyboards and more. I am excited to let you all listen to true imagery through vibrations. Bubble gum reggae is out now on Spotify!

Check it out:

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