Neon Dreams- Don’t Go Hating Me Now (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

You can be mad at me, you can hate me... and still love me. Every genre you listen to will have songs about love, but alternative pop? I was skeptical. Neon Dreams is an alternative pop duo with two male vocalists and instrumentalists.

Before you start hatin’... the song isn’t bad. It's very pop-based, although "alternative" does show its best during the verses. Leaving room for interpretation is better than clouding a song with too much color. Neon Dreams, made a song with a common rebuttal. I know I don't relate to this song too much but I know someone will. Guitar-strumming, summer sound, is a go-to for music.

This makes it hard to be original, easy to be produced, and unlikely to be a sound somebody doesn’t like. Where the song isn’t the most unique, the skill level you can hear in the duo is unmatched.  These two are truly talented… only makes sense for them to make a song about some haters. In all seriousness hating is a developed emotion that can be derived from a perceived threat to one's well being. Will Neon Dreams be the next group to take over your favorite artists? Listen to Don't go hating me now and find out. 

Take a listen:

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