Nervous City Nervous Self- Stories of our Name (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

The guitar on this piece is absolutely mesmerizing. Its presence is one that captures your attention, and keeps your attention.

Have you ever seen an image, a beautiful image, and couldn't manage to keep your eyes off of it? That's the feeling with this entire instrumental soundscape.

Your ears easily gravitate to the tones of tranquility and beauty. The song's cover art is fitting. I felt like I was within the piece, living vicariously through the artistic progression. The listening experience is quite immersive, especially when the vocals arrive. My goodness, the voice is reverbed to damn near perfection. Is this Lofi? Is it commercial? I can't tell. At times it can be classified as both. And you know what? Why not... 

You can play this joint on the road, in bed, in the gym... It has the ability to serve a variety of purposes.

Take a listen:


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