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Marijuana has a powerful imprint in human history. For thousands of years in many different cultures marijuana has been used medicinally, recreationally, and some sources suggest it was used to enhance spirituality. In 2900 BC the emperor of China, Fu Hsi, recognized cannabis as a popular medicine and throughout China's history, continued to be studied. Some of its primary uses were serving as medication for rheumatism, menstrual problems, gout, and even malaria. In 1000 BC, Indians created a drink called bhang which consisted of milk, cannabis (buds and leaves), sugar, fruit and a multitude of other spices. This drink is still consumed to this day but there are legal issues surrounding it in many parts of India. This concoction is commonly used in Hindu religious ceremonies, such as festivals and rituals, but is also used medicinally to treat nausea, vomiting, and physical pain. 

In the last 50 years, between the hippie movement and popular use amongst American citizens, marijuana has had a rocky history. Where it is now legal in many states there are still restrictions. New Legal Meds is a worldwide ambassador dedicated to the publicizing the research of cannabidiol, CBD, and other components of the cannabis plant. There are many things to be learned about hemp, CBD, and their medicinal properties. 

In the early 1900’s, over-the-counter remedies actually contained cannabis. This went to show the American public’s acceptance of this drug. After the Mexican Revolution, many Mexican immigrants populated the United States. Their recreational use of the marijuana leaf was introduced to the American public and all negative aspects were associated with the immigrants. This scared the American government and many laws were created to prohibit recreational use in the decades to come. 

Whereas the consumption of the marijuana has never decreased, there has been much public opinion and legislation. More recently, some states such as Colorado, California, Alaska, and Chicago have allowed recreational use of marijuana. What New Legal Drugs seeks to do is lift the stigma that has shrouded public perception. CBD products are very effective in managing anxiety and are less binding than THC products. 

New Legal Medicine looks forward to the discoveries to be made with CBD and its myriad of uses. In addition they will be opening up an online shop that will allow companies worldwide to be able to distribute through their platform. Through you can stay updated with new legislation and for those that are interested in selling your company’s products, contact them through the website.

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