Nick Nittoli- Lil Nicky (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

You can teach pitch, you can teach melody, you can teach rhythm. But, one thing that is tough to directly cultivate is- confidence. I'm not talking faux confidence either, you can tell when someone is forcing it, or trying too hard to present a persona. While listening to Nick Nittoli's latest album, Lil Nicky, you can clearly hear the overt swagger and vigor that seeps from his performance, and for good reason. 

Plain and simple, this guy can write. Nick's approach sounds focused, passionate, and tediously constructed. Through 13 tracks, it never seemed like Nick produced a "rushed" piece. His lines are clever and witty. In the right situations, they're even quotable. Lines like: “I know all the facts like baby mamas,” from his cut Genre (track #1), and “I’m sick of all you online rappers, feel like I’m on set. Everybody is an actor” from Online Rappers (track #3), show his ability to manipulate the English language to his advantage.

If you view the photo above, you can see John F. Kennedy tattooed on Nick's forearm. With Kennedy being a great orator and storyteller, I ponder if he had any influence on Nick's style. Why? Nick's pen doesn't just stop at memorable one-liners. He also develops creative song concepts. Track #11, Name Drop, finds Nick rapping about himself, while alluding to a myriad of notable figures, “I could break your hearts like my name was Tom Petty... Always down to fight, got me springing like I’m Jerry.” This guy is slick, and spits with hunger, Truly appreciating his current journey.

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  • Dustin Cresp

    If he’s so good why’s he blacklisted? He pays for all his subs and bots and he’s facing legal charges. He’s never worked for snoop, he wrote a song for a little girl who had snoop on her track. This is all false news.

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