Nicole Santana- Magic (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Life can feel so lackluster after day-to-day obstacles, and Nicole Santana encourages us to embrace our shine within her single, “Magic.”

Magic has an enchanting instrumental composition that instantly warms the listener. It almost feels like Nicole is walking us through hardships and reinforcing illuminating love that we already carry as individuals. You can hear her connection to her message through her voice and lyricism. “Can't you see what I see, love I wish that I could keep you flowing, brain full of serotonin,” these lyrics show that Nicole is understanding of all people and it creates a comfortable and supportive ambiance that assists in setting the tone. “Life can be tragic but you got the magic honey,” She is giving us her words as reassurance to continue, to overcome the natural pressures from relationships, depression and adulting all together.

“Magic” is definitely a song I would listen to regularly. It has all the elements to ease the mind and inspire us to stay golden. Nicole, I admire that you are triumphant and using your experience to help us overcome our own. Make sure you add “Magic” to your everyday playlist and focus on those highs more than those lows.

Check it out:


  • Maureen Basil

    Kayla is spot on
    Nicole it’s beauty full❣️

  • Rosy Cruz

    Is the most uplifting and magical song I’ve heard in a very long time!!! Her voice is just beautiful. It’s number one on my playlist💙

  • Nicole Santana

    Okay. I’m crying. Thank you so so so much for this beautiful write up!!

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