Nique Got-It- Tic Tok (Track Review)


Written by Chris Yangello

Nique Got-It is an artist who has been on the come up for a little while. I’ve personally taken an extensive look into his work, his content, and his overall status as an up and coming artist. Stemming from Muskegon, Michigan, Nique Got-It has amassed over 23,000 Instagram followers and recent hit songs such as “No Regular” which has grown to almost 20,000 streams alone.

While “No Regular” is a fire song, it’s not the track that we are discussing today. A recent release from Nique Got-It titled, “Tic Tok,” is a take on a melodic flow with a storyline put behind it. After listening to the track a couple of time, I realized “Tic Tok” was highlighting having his [Nique Got-It’s] time wasted, as opposed to mentioning the popular social media app that I was expecting to hear.

Nique Got-It is certainly an extremely likeable artist, and one that should be kept on every hip hop fan’s radar over the next few months to a year. Slow and steady growth wins the race, yet I can see Nique Got-It blowing up at any point within the start to middle of 2021. If you’re as excited as I am to see what Nique Got-It does in the future, take a moment and check out his track below.

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