No Komment- MVP (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

No Komment was not playing with anybody on his newest song entitled MVP. On this track, he flaunts his lyrical capabilities, as well as shows his range on the melodic side in the chorus. This song is one big flex that can go beyond the realm of rap and into the  stratosphere, simply due to the fact that feeling like you are the best should be an everyday mindset. When I hear this song come on, it makes me want to work harder than I ever have and compete at the highest level. Sonically, MVP can be played anywhere and be one of those hype songs for athletes, or even a song you hear on ESPN when showing highlights. His flow fits perfectly into the song structure and he only does the triplet flow when needed. This is definitely a song that you have to blast at the highest decibel you have on your speaker.

MVP like Giannis, I’m the new Adonis

Is there any other way to feel like greatness? There is so much to like about this song that can’t even be put into words. All in all, it’s the feeling of the track straight out the gate that sets the tone for the audience. 

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