Noah Jensen, A Promising Producer and Skilled Instrumentalist [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Grayson Jones

Do what you will while you're able, find what it is that you seek. —- Xavier Rudd

Noah Jensen stands as a promising figure in the music industry, distinguishing himself as both a bassist and a skilled producer. Even after the challenges of a global pandemic like Covid, Noah's dedication to his craft persisted. His tour experience after those trying times showcased not only his resilience but also his commitment to delivering music to fans, adapting and evolving in a constantly changing landscape.

One of Jensen’s notable qualities is his versatility. Working as a bassist and producer often means being on the move, and Noah thrives in unconventional settings. Frequently found in hotel rooms, he seamlessly mixes and produces, turning temporary living spaces into his creative hubs.

Noah's credentials speak to his skills, with artists like Yung OG Rawby recognizing his talent. Their collaboration with Sno0py Watts on the track Fleas exemplifies Noah's ability to elevate an artist's sound. His signature guitar-heavy sound seamlessly integrates with diverse genres, crafting music that is both unique and captivating.

When SwanoDown had a chance to hear from Noah he reflected on his collaborative approach and style. This style  encapsulates Jensen's dedication to pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates with both artists and audiences alike:

"With the few artists I've had the privilege of working with, we've been able to take my guitar-heavy sound, integrate it into their sound, and create something that is new, fresh, and exciting to them,” Jensen explained.

We look forward to watching Jensen’s growth and progression!

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