Nobel (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown 

Born in Kurdistan, during the Iran-Iraq war. Nobel’s family and he were refugees in Iran, fleeing the country. Nobel moved to the states at 3 years old and grew up in Northern Virginia. His early influence came from Tupac and bone thugs n harmony. Nobel started from writing poetry at a young age, which then formed into spoken word, and eventually evolved into lyrics for rap songs. Later influenced by artists in alternative music and rock came together with his musical roots to create the energy and mood his music is known for today. 

The inspiration behind Nobel’s music is deeply rooted in his cultural background. He wants to show the Kurds in his community that they can dream big and achieve great heights. Not a lot of people know about the struggle of the Kurdish people and it’s Nobel’s dream to make the world aware. 

Through collaborations Nobel has built a movement called Project Remedy. The group is a collection of multidisciplinary creatives pushing the music scene in the DMV. They’ve had collabs with artists from New York and Miami, all the way to Germany and Russia. They see music as unifying and cosmopolitan and thus focus on pushing the music scene internationally to broaden their audience. 

His debut album is in the works, self titled “Nobel.” The record is comprised of 10 songs expressing the observations and experiences He has gone through in life. The objective is to open up about emotional experiences in their rawest form so the world can relate. 

Nobel on Instagram: @warprize

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