Nocturnal Theory- Drifting by You (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

“Drifting By You” is a neo soul single by a collective called Nocturnal Theory. Immediately as the track begins, the horns stand out- they added a touch of jazz to a heartfelt track. The saxophonist in the song is actually long time musician Michael Weiss. “Drifting By You” sounds like it was made organically and as you listen, it puts you on a cloud.

The vocalists compliment each other perfectly, it was nice to here the layers and harmonies throughout the track. The vocalist on the track are Dominic Rischard and Nathanie. Nathanie adds a beautiful perspective and feminine touch to the track.

“Drifting By You” has a build up that is surprisingly soothing and reassuring thanks to the mellow vibrations created by these musicians. The piano is played by Dominic Zuna and the bass is played by Danny fimbers. There is actually an official video available on YouTube that is choreographed by Julio Moreno and Cassidy Zuna. They expressed the longing of two lovers for a love they once shared. “Drifting By You” is expressing the inevitable movement we experience in life.

So, if you need a track to add to your soulful selection. make sure you add “Drifting By You” by Nocturnal Theory to your music library.

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