nod-eezy: Sculpting the Soundscape of Tomorrow [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

The first album I ever wanted in my life was Graduation by Kanye West. I vividly remember being seven years old and having heard "Flashing Lights", I was hooked from there on. During a three week period I asked my parents for that CD every day. My grandmother had the album, and so did my uncle. Needless to say, the day I came home and saw Graduation on my living room table,  I was in bliss.

Though, I'm not the only guy who Ye has inspired. Nod-eezy, a skilled producer from Bowie, Maryland notes Kanye as one of his many influences along with J Dilla, and Kaytranada. Taking a look at those names, it's obvious Nod's work is groovy, soulful, and filled with gumption.

nod-eezy, whose name derives from a friend telling him his instrumentals were "easy to nod to", began producing at the age of 14, and eventually progressed into DJing during. This is a testament to his steadfastness and dedication to his craft. So, by no surprise, he took it a step further. While in college, he founded his company with his production team, The Estate, made of Eddie Priest, DayAfter, RellGotEm, and 9inetySevin. The Estate has worked with artists such as Choo Jackson, Rema, DaBaby, and Alex Vaughn. Excuse all of the listing of names, but I had to give credit where credit was due!

Recently, eezy released his debut single, "Tension" in preparation of his debut EP. "Tension" has an immense bounce to it, and is something you could play in your car, or easily in the club.

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