Noir Benny: A Culmination of Raw Delivery & Transparent Lyricism (Artist Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

"The musician can inspire, thrill and even soothe the audience. Like a guru, music can lead us to righteousness, peace and brotherhood in a world that often seems fractured and alienated by culture, race, religion and conflict. Musicians sacrifice many things in life in order to express their art and speak their truth." — Debbie White, Puerto Vallarta

Being a music journalist, there are days I listen to a bountiful amount of tracks within a 24-hour span. Genuinely, there may be days where I listen to 75-100 songs. It goes without saying, I hear an assortment of sounds and styles. At times, they're pleasant, and there are some who could stand to improve. But, aside from the musicality that these artists possess, the scale I use to separate the good from the elite is the scale of Authenticity. Sure, you may sound great, but do I believe and feel what you’re displaying to me on your records?

As I partake in artist Noir Benny’s music, I hear a fire in this guy’s gut that is hard to deny. Benny’s approach to each record is exceedingly lyrical, with a touch of accepted bellicose. You may find yourself having to replay some of Benny’s verses as he has wordplay woven throughout many of his vocal performances.

On “Blue Benjies”, Benny’s opening verse has very clever lyricism. “I’m well connected like stitches, I’m well connected like rompers. Pussy was speaking to me, man I swear to God that shit was sounding like Simba and Nala.” I was in awe with Benny’s consistently forward vocal delivery on this project as well. The piece never seems to stop, and progressively feels more and more invigorating as you experience it.

SwanoDown has had a chance to listen to some of Noir Benny’s unreleased tracks, and the melodic evolution of his upcoming work shows a familiar but simultaneously diversified side of Benny. 

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