Norm Adams and Julia Robertson- Over (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

There's nothing like getting back to your roots. An undeniable level of respect and integrity is involved in the process. And within that integrity comes passion and expectation. On Over by Norm Adams and Julia Robertson, you can hear deep R&B, Soul, and Blues elements, all throughout this piece  From Norm's passionate vocals, to his heartfelt lyricism, we're taken down a road of what many may relate to a Ray Charles or Otis Redding. 

Lines like "We've lost control of the situation" and "This is not like we planned"  show a deep look into the psyche of Adams on this piece. That level of vulnerability with his love interest (Julia Robertson) gives the audience a sense of trust and sympathy with the artist. 

Adams told SwanoDown:

"As a songwriter, I tend to write the type of songs that I enjoy listening to. I don’t usually follow “trends”  because my goal is to create music that will stand the test of time. Good storytelling is important to me, so I really take my time when crafting a song; creating meaningful lyrics and strong melodies, as opposed to just throwing a bunch of words together because they rhyme or fit with a particular beat. Fortunately, our audience has always responded favorably, which has been extremely validating."

While listening to "Over'" one may even feel a bit of Gospel-esque instrumentation making its way into the composition. It could have you wonder, 'What was the true intention for the making of this piece?' Was there a earning that we could've missed within its layers?

We actually had a couple of goals with “Over”. Sonically, we wanted that real old school R&B vibe; the big production, the rousing chorus of vocals, and the passionate delivery. We wanted to take listeners back to the days when legends like Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and Aretha Franklin were all over the airwaves. Lyrically,  it’s a story that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Many of us have been there at one time or another; you know, that pivotal moment in a relationship where you’re faced with the crucial decision of whether to go or stay.  That can be a very emotional time, and we wanted to capture that feeling  in the song." Said Adams. 

The story told on this piece is a relatable one, and was conveyed with rigorous conviction, But vocally, this was not a one-person show. Adams and Robertson had to find a balance, and pocket to equally fit in. Is this a simple feat? 

Adams stated:

"That all comes down to really knowing the person you’re collaborating with. With Julia and I, it’s easy because I know her voice and she knows mine. We know each other’s strengths and limitations, which allows each of us to shine individually at different points in the song. Yet, when we come together, that intricate knowledge of one another’s talent helps to create undeniable magic!"

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