NoSleepCity (SwanoDown Report)


Reported by Chris Yangello

One of the coolest named artists with some incredible potential is an artist by the name of NoSleepCity. NoSleepCity is an artist who has slowly but surely been on the rise from West Side Chicago. Whilst in high school, NoSleepCity started a rap collective called NoSleepCity. This collective gave City an insight of what it takes to create quality music and grow as a respected artist in the industry.

Coming up, City has a project titled New Wayne 2, which will be dropping very soon. If you want to check out his talented vocals and melodic flow, be sure to check out his freestyle of the popular TikTok track “Deep End.” It’s tracks like this that have been putting NoSleepCity’s name on the radar, and I personally cannot wait to see what he has coming up for the rest of 2021.

If you’re just as excited as I am, check out NoSleepCity on Spotify now!

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