Not Hard to Admit It (Video Critique)

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

I admit it, Erika Tham’s Admit It live session is very easy on the eyes and ears. The theme that a lot of people seem to enjoy is heartbreak/breaking hearts. Mostly, with its simple location and soft lighting this video really complements the silky vocals of Tham. We are first presented with a creeping shot of the pink lit, white floor that leads up to a vintage style Ferrari. Her eyes tell so much of the story, feeling distant from love whether she is in it or contemplating it. The shots are captured by this video’s director, Mdot, and detailed in showing her vulnerability with close-up shots. It's worth mentioning this video is captured all in one shot, giving Tham the spotlight to really give the audience a polarizing performance.

This video is very softly focused and I believe that is a testament to the detached feelings Tham has. As the camera pans she is sitting in the car and begins to get out of the vehicle singing “All the feelings always come and go” paralleling her exit from the vehicle. These lyrics suggest a cold nature about her, seemingly willing to embrace that she is not quite ready to accept or reciprocate love. Along with this, she also proves to be a bit arrogant, teasing her potential lover in the chorus with the lyrics “If you’re falling for me, better fall slow.” 

The only instrumentation that is present during this entire video is the piano that is played by Grammy Award winner, Brian Kennedy. This speaks volumes to the simplicity of the video as if it is not for the clean vocals, strong stage presence, and emotional movement by Tham, this video would be stagnant. 

If you’re searching for a raw track that keeps you engaged emotionally, go to Youtube and check out the live session of "Admit It" by Erika Tham ft Brian Kennedy: 

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