NRVS LVRS- Little Cults (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

When you see this cover art, and read the title of the track, there may be a few sounds/styles that you expect to hear. Menacing? Dark? Downright scary? Well, you'd be wrong my friend. But- I must admit, I expected the same vibes. 

Little Cults, has a pretty joyous/upbeat atmosphere. The Singing dynamics are gentle, the production is fun, and the lyrics tell a story that's easy to follow. Many of the rhyme schemes are also memorable:

"I can make you see the light, I can make you feel alive."

"Don't try to fight, I'm the one you need."

The production holds the pieces to making this track, radio friendly. The instrumental melody plays a strong role in working with the vocals, though it has its moment where it shines alone. 

Some vocal effects placed on the singing, really add that extra, electro-pop sound, that could make this song a cross-cultural favorite.

NRVS LVRS, also does a fine job of subtly, but evidently creating the song's climax. It feels like it sneaks up on you, and without you thinking twice, you're already within the madness! 

Check it out: 

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