Ntitled ft. AM & MOT- The Funk Is Happening (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

In some regions of the world like Britain the term ‘ funk‘ was used to describe a coward back in the day. Even in North America the term funk can have a negative connotation of depressed or feeling Blue. From Ntilted, off of his latest album Eden, I listened to The Funk is Happening. I was not blown away by the funk in this piece but by the culture of funk delivered here. The hook says “We are just trying to break the bank, make this shop and call it home, why you hatin’? While you hate I’ll go make me some more!” 

That stood out to me. I feel it encapsulates the soul behind getting back up, regardless of how many times someone pushes you down. The resistance to systemic oppression and the development of financial literacy is a part of the daily grind. Understanding how difficult it is, Ntilted expresses his grit and his progress in the musical stardom he would like to manifest. Many of the skills in which he has are that of some of the greatest. 

For example, Ntilted utilizes alliteration to create some unique bars. I can’t get the exact quote, but he mentions getting wrapped around like a Duby (Head wrap), painting records like a Dubois, and photoshop like Adobe. The three words sound similar but make a great structure for this rhyme scheme. This is not easy stuff to write all while sounding cohesive. Ntilted’s lyrical portfolio can be further assessed on his newest single release titled “Talk that shit” where he takes a gritty beat and gets to work on a story. But first, listen to, The funk is happening. Out now!

Check it out: 


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