NYNE ft. Omari Bentley- Balmain Bandit

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

NYNE is impressive. 

Some artists have that innate ability to get on a track and immediately claim their space. There was great production on this piece, dope lyricism, and catchy melodies. But- nothing stood out as much as NYNE's vocal performance. 

NYNE has a full command of her delivery. 

NYNE's rhythms flow seamlessly over the instrumental and make the composition cohesive. To describe what I mean in more detail, she doesn't just perform over the track, it sounds like the production and vocals are woven together. She's truly treating her voice as an instrument, and we're loving it over here.

And the piece is pretty damn fun. Her songwriting is risqué and vivid. Though, she leaves much for the imagination while referring to this "Balmain Bandit." It’s a party song, and maybe an even better road trip cut. 

Check it out:


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