Odette- Herald (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

It’s no secret that the people you love can sometimes be draining, especially when there is no reciprocation of the energy that you generously provide. Pouring your all into someone who has no intention of pouring back into you would eventually push anyone to their breaking point.Over time, you feel the need for a way out, even when you finally recognize how necessary a departure may be, acting on it is a whole new struggle within itself. Through her song, Herald, Australian artist Odette gives us an inside look at this thought process, as well as the freedom that follows once you finally make a break for it. 

Odette has a way of showcasing her storytelling abilities that fully engages the listener. Her playful cadence, accompanied by a dream-like track makes for a performance that will keep you on your toes, all while keeping the feeling of newly-found freedom at the forefront. Not to mention those carefully-placed harmonies she blesses us with. The repetition towards the end of the song brings in even more energy, giving Herald a powerful finale. While Herald as a whole is a vivid piece from beginning to end, what really did  it for me was “I’m more than what you could not provide.” That line alone is an instagram caption waiting to happen. However, words can only do this song but so much justice. Check out Odette’s Herald for yourself with the link below!


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