Official K3v- SAVMODE [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

One attribute that's common for most of us to respect in artists is realness.

In genres like HipHop, this is especially true. In all honesty, the yearning for authenticity in HipHop tiptoes the line of being nearly unfair at times. But regardless, the artist, K3V has stepped up to the plate on his latest single, "SAVMODE".

Leading the piece off are a succession of staccato piano notes. The reverb on them could be described as ghostly as they hover and sit in the sonic environment. A sense of somberness can be felt, and the audience is captivated before K3V takes you on his lyrical journey. The bass-filled percussion hits hard and delivers a trap-esque sound, but contrary to what one may expect, it still doesn't take the forefront of the track.

K3V's melodious delivery, wordplay, and fervor is evident throughout, and doesn't let up. 

Check it out

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