ohFrank- Millenial (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

This right here, is a jam. ohFrank’s newest song, Millennial, is an ode to being a millennial and accepting every criticism we have received over the years by the older generation. This track is as blunt as it gets, just listening to the chorus will fill any millennial up with self appreciation. ohFrank isn't backing away from the labels that were placed upon being a millennial, instead, they're embracing them, because they’re doing what I love.

Millennial, is a song for the early to mid-20s folk that don't have everything figured out, creating a safe space for those people. ohFrank invites us into their creative think space, showing their many layers. 

We are the dreamers of the generation, not afraid to chase what we aspire to be or just doing what we want. Sometimes, that will cost us a relationship or stability, but being held back is worse than going a lifetime without going for gold. It’s a mindset that is the spirit of the song, adopting the “I don’t care what people think of me or my actions” mindset. How could you really think you know what’s best for me?

I really enjoyed this song by ohFrank. I feel it will resonate with millennials who are in or can relate to a similar position.

Listen to Millenial: 


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