Shumaq- Old Soul (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

I love the name and I love the song even more. He definitely brings an Old Soul energy that is great for a new artist in hip hop. The 22 year-old artist Shumaq, recently released Old Soul, a story that touches on the misunderstanding of millennials who happen to be wise beyond their years… or those who may feel they belong in a different era.

We are often tested by people who tend to have a young mindset, even in their 20s. This is something that trickles down to certain morals one may have. Old souls are rare and should be treasured by all. 

Even the beat is a modernized version of something we would probably hear during the early 90s. Shumaq delivers thoughtful bars to describe the disparity between he and the world around him. Sometimes, it can be tough to maneuver through life while viewing the world differently than others. This can cause women, who don’t understand you, to switch up based on ideologies inside their head. He also references his mom, who may have had a huge impact on his music and why he considers himself an "old soul."

We are an extension of the older generation, packaged into a newer version and in a later era. He absolutely killed this track and I encourage everyone reading to check it out:

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