Orrin- CHEAT CODE [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Roses are red

Orrin’s in that mode

Relationships are hard

But he’s got the Cheat Code

VDay has now passed, but the vibes are still here. Orrin’s newest track is a heartfelt bop about getting his significant other and keeping her. 

Shot in a popularized retro VHS fashion through a fisheye lens, Orrin is seen sporting a bouquet of roses in various spots around New York City. The video is tastefully filmed on his journey to his lover’s crib, making appearances at a corner store (to pick up their favorite snack maybe), a train stop esplanade, and eventually to a fitting, all-red house- assumed to be his lover’s.

Thanks to visual creator, Single Mother Work Ethic, this video is stylistically shot featuring crisp transitions and zooms, fully capturing Orrin’s swag and style. 

PeepCHEAT CODE’ on Youtube

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