Orrin- SORRY NOT [Video Critique]


Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Don’t you wish you were able to see the future? Well, let’s take a clairvoyant look with our friendly neighborhood cyborg, Orrin. In Orrin’s music video for his new track SORRY NOT, he takes us through the New York nightlife.

During the video, Orrin is donning a few different gothic type pieces featuring dark, draped clothing like he was going out for a part in a Blade Runner reboot. He is also wearing other complementary elements such as long gloves and dark makeup.

This time around, the self proclaimed cyborg is giving off a very different vibe from the last song we covered from him, Cheat Code. In that video, he was wearing streetwear such as a white tee, black hoodie and jeans which fit more into the more urban New York Drill/dance wave. This video is less trendy and more retro, digging into a poptronica vibe. It feels very underground, playing on the mysterious nature of Orrin himself. It’s also worth mentioning the subject matter of this track differs greatly from Cheat Code, suggesting that after a heartfelt relationship, the relationship has grown more stale as he finds himself flirting with others or inviting others in.

This type of art, from my perspective, seems to make Orrin feel at home. 

Step into the future of the underground with SORRY NOT.

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